Venous insufficiency vulva

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While advances in the recognition of PCS have been made as the result of findings of laparoscopy and phlebography, currently its relationship with superficial varices of the lower limbs has been further elucidated by noninvasive imaging methods, primarily Doppler ultrasonography. The most common complaints were pruritus and skin maceration in the area of the vulvar varicose veins. Contrast-enhanced MSCT would probably be of value in determining the intrapelvic junctions, but this issue requires further investigation. In certain cases, phlebologist also orders examination of small pelvis via transvaginal ultrasound TV-ultrasound to exclude other, additional dysfunction in the region of reproductive organ. Given that pelvic varicose veins are a disease that affects women of childbearing age, it is reasonable to consider surgical interventions on the ovarian veins in asymptomatic patients, in whom the long-term existence of venous congestion of the pelvic organs may affect reproductive function. Abstract Vulvar varicosities are often asymptomatic, and they may be associated with varicose veins of the lower extremity. Reflux is sought after compression of the upper part of the inferior vena cava, in the standing position. For such purpose, modern high-field magnetic resonance by Philips the power of magnetic field equal to 3 Teslas is used.


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