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Once again to see this we must refer to the Christological hymn in the second chapter of the Epistle of St Paul to the Philippians. The recent scandals of certain Churches must not lead to deception, because there is no scientific proof which demonstrates that in the ambit of ecclesiastical celibacy this type of problems — homosexuality and, much less so, pedophilia — is more frequent than in other ambits. Who, other than the person consecrated to the proclamation of the Gospel and who has been seduced by it, can better express its explosive force? They accepted to live their spirituality of communion to the very end, in compliance with the most radical demands of communion with God, with the persecuted Christ, with the least of this world, with all the nameless and faceless victims of our wars and the exploitation of man by man. Of him we can and must ask the courage to communicate beauty to a world and a culture that seem to have turn their back on that reality, but that, in any case, they will never be able to completely extinguish in man the fascination and longing for beauty, and divine beauty. This clearly shows us all the stages in the path that has to be pursued by anyone wishing to follow Christ. What Jesus began, his disciples have the mission to continue. He was obedient to death


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